Sangeet Galaxy Journal remains ethically responsible for the confidentiality, coherency, and respect of the manuscripts submitted to it for publication.

Pattern of Research Paper/Articles should be maintained in this format

  1. The author(s) should submit only original and unpublished works to the journals, no part of which has been previously published in print or online as, or is under consideration in another journal or as a book chapter at the same time.
  2. Manuscript should be written around 2000-5000 words and book reviews around 1000 words.
  3. The manuscript should be typed in English using Times New Roman in 12 font size and in Hindi using Kokila or Mangal font and the same should be sent by email to the Editor.  
  4. Author(s) should mention their Name, Designation, Institute/Organization address, and Email ID in the paper.
  5. Plagiarism Report using the following Plagiarism softwareDrillBit/Turnitin/ithenticate, is mandatory with paper. Without Plagiarism Report paper will not be accepted.
  6. Articles submitted by the author to the journal are subject to blind review by a subject expert. A peer review panel of subject experts evaluates the quality, reliability, and accuracy of the paper and its contribution to the existing body of knowledge in the concerned field. (Blind review means confidentiality of the reviewer’s identities from authors and authors’ identities from reviewers. Editors, reviewers, coordinators, and all involved parties should maintain this two-way confidentiality of the Blind Review Process).
  7. The author will receive an email of Acceptance/Revision/Rejection of the Paper after the review.
  8. The editor reserves the right to amend the phrasing and punctuations etc., in the paper.  
  9. The manuscript should be submitted through the journal’s website only.
  10. Author(s) will receive an email from the journal immediately after publication.  
  11. Sangeet Galaxy is an open-access journal. Full text of all articles published in the Journal can be read online without any form of restrictions. Those who wish to reproduce any material from the journal must obtain prior written permission from the Editor, Sangeet Galaxy.
  12. The opinions expressed in the articles and other contents appearing in the journal are purely those of the respective authors’ and in no way reflect the opinions of the editors or Sangeet Galaxy Journal. Author(s) submitting their work for publication in Sangeet Galaxy are responsible for getting approval for copyrighted material they use in their articles. Sangeet Galaxy should not be held responsible for any infringement of copyright laws for the published content.

Responsibilities of Author:

  • The Author(s) of the manuscripts should take ethical responsibilities about the originality of content and authenticity of the resources.
  • The Author(s) should ethically respect the copyrights, patents, acknowledgements, references, disclosures, and conflicts of interests as and wherever applicable in whatsoever manners.
  • Submitted content for the publication to Sangeet Galaxy Journal should be Plagiarism free.
  • The author(s) should claim the credit only for work that they have produced originally by them.
  • The author(s) should properly cite and acknowledge the work of others as well as their own related work that they have got already published and used as reference in the currently submitted manuscript. It is the responsibility of the authors, not the editors or reviewers or any other team member of the journal, to ensure that relevant prior research outcomes and discoveries are appropriately acknowledged with the original citations in manuscripts submitted for publication.