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 Ajay Sharma & Kumar SargamAwareness of Performers’ Rights Under Indian Copyright Act: A Case Study in the Academia  5-19
 Srivaralaxmi.V & P. Uma MaheswariA Study on The Changing Trends in Classical Carnatic Music Teaching and Learning Practices in the Digital Age  20-33
 Huma AizajThe Role of Bhakti Saints in Music during the Mughal Period34-45
 Sharif Muhammad Arefin Rony & Rajesh ShahWomen’s Status in Classical Instrumental Music in the Context of Bangladesh Contribution, Obstacles and Possibilities  46-54
 Farjana YasminThe Evolution of Odissi Dance in the Post-Independence Era: Through the Lens of Indo-Bangladesh Background  55-66
 Swapnil Chandrakant ChaphekarAnalytical study of Aṣṭāṅga-s of K͟hayāla from the perspective of Yati in Hindustani Music  67-73
 Thiyagarajan BExploring the Art of Carnatic Gamakas: A Guide to Playing on Electronic Keyboards with Computer Applications74-85
  RohitTranscendent Impact of Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan on Global Sufi Music and Intercultural Dialogue86-96
 Bilambita BanisudhaPālā of Odisha: A study of the Indigenous Ballard form with special reference to its song-texts97-109
 Madhulika PandeSankeerna Ragas: A Brief Study110-115
 Gautam SaikiaImportance of Folk String Instruments in Assamese Folk Songs116-126
 Sumita DuttaExploring the Musical Connection Between Raga Bhairavi and Indian Folk Songs  127-139
 Tanvi Kashyap & Anuradha SharmaThe Effect of Music on Maternal Health: An Empirical Analysis  140-146
 Shah AlamExploring Music as a Means of Communication: Analysing Its Fundamental Nature and Context147-153
 Nijara DekaA Re-reading of Sattriya dance forms of the Bardowa Sattra circle: An analytical study of the Sutradhari Nac154-161
 रीता पाण्डे  एवं भास्कर दत्त कापड़ी, गगनदीप होठीउत्तराखण्ड की विशिष्ट लोक गायन शैली-‘झोड़ा/खेल’162-170
 अलकेशिका भट्ट  एवं शिव नारायणगढ़वाल के प्रमुख लोक वाद्यों का अध्ययन171-181
 वर्षा मिश्रा एवं अंजलि शर्माभारतीय संगीत में सारिकायुक्त  वाद्य: एक अध्ययन182-186
 Dulal HazarikaThe Use of Music in Ankiya Nat and Bhaona: A Study187-194
 राकेश कलोत्तराशुद्ध, छायालग एवं संकीर्ण पद्धति से मिश्र रागों का अंतर्संबंध195-199
 Santosh KumarMusic and Technology200-206
 Santosh Kumar and Sheela NapalSorathi: A Folk Music of Sikkim  207-218
 Krishnendu Dutta, Priyanka Howladar and Juhi KumariZoo-Musicology: Relation of Music with Animals and Birds219-225
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