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  INDEX: Vol. 13, No. 2 (JULY 2024)  
Sl. No.AuthorPaperPage No.
 1  Cover Page & Index     
 2Bilambita BanisudhaSacred Songs of Odisha: Harmonical Insight into India’s Culture     
 3Ramyajit SarkarReflection of Lives of Women of Rarh Bengal in the Bhadu Songs   
 4Dr. Samidha VedabalaElements of Gayaki in Sitar Performance: An Analytical Study   
 5Dr. Somabha BandopadhayRabindranritya as TCE: Advocating legal protection of the traditional dance form of Bengal   
 6Sugnan DaniAnalytical study of the congruences and divergences of lakṣya and lakṣaṇa in the performances of rāga Bāgēśrī on Santūr   
 7Akshita Bajpaiसंगत वाद्य के रूप में अवनद्ध वाद्यों का महत्व (प्राचीन काल से वर्तमान काल के सन्दर्भ में)    
 8Nibedita Shyam & Sangita PanditTime Theory of Ragas in North Indian Classical Music: A Pilot study with reference to the impact on its listeners   
 9Swagata Bhattacharjee & V. PremalathaTrends In the Studies Involving Music and Psychology- A Review   
 10Manoj Verma & Dr. Mritunjay SharmaThe Impact of Spiritual Folk Songs on Mental Exhaustion   
 11Dr. Narendra KaurInstitutional Teaching-Learning in Music: Outcomes and challenges   
 12Dr. J.Sankar GaneshSelect Tanavarnam-s in Apoorva Raga-s   
 13Dr. Itishree SahooOdissi Performing Arts: A Grand Unity   
 14Dimpee BaishyaAn analytical study of dance numbers of Sattriya dance as practiced in Shri Shri Kamalabari Sattra   
 15Ram Prashanth Kumar, Mayank Bhardwaj, Dr. Paramveer SinghImpact of Punjabi songs on university students of Punjab   
 16Dr Swapnil Chandrakant ChaphekarWomen Subduing Men: Depiction of Swadheenabhartrika Nayika in the Compositions of Hindustani Khayal Music   
 17Dr. Rajendra PrasadSikh Community, Music and Farmer Protest, 2020-21   
 18Dr. Pintu SahaExamining the Incorporation of Modern Musical Instruments in Jhumur Folk Song – A Research Study   
 19अमित यादवसारंगी : हिंदी फ़िल्म संगीत की ध्वनि 
 20Dr. Anuraag Gajamer, Ms. Parishmita Phukan, Dr. Krishnendu DuttaVarious Musical Forms of the Gandharbas 
 21Dr.Siddhartha ChoudhurySustainable Development Goals for Quality Education in Music   
 22Millind Mani Dhamala & Dr. Santosh Kumar Social media and Music A study in Sikkim   
 23Ms. Urvashi Mohinani & Dr. M.S. Siva RajuExploring Temporal Framing and Cultural Contexts: Unveiling Bharatanatyam’s Evolution and Embodied Spirituality   
 24Rajeev KumarImportance of Goat skin and other live stocks in making Indian musical instruments   
 25Prafulla Vilasrao Kale‘Vada Nirnaya’ of Sangeet Samayasara – A Brief Study   
 26Shashank Upadhye, Shweta MahajanThe Impact of Body Percussion on Neuropsychological aspects with special reference to Tabla and Pakhawaj   
 27Manoj Kumar DasHistory and Evolution of ‘Khol Vadya’ – An Analytical Study   
 28Aishwarya MaheshAdaptation of a Dāsarapada to Karnataka classical music and Sugama Saṅgīta – A Case Study   
 29Babita & Dr. Amit AhujaMelodic Deception: Exploring the Complexities of Deepfakes of Music Generated by Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) 
 30Sumita Dutta & Dipankar ChakrabortyThe Untold History of Jal Taranga: A Critical Exploration of its Origin, Evolution and Preservation Initiatives   
 31डॉ० रितु सिंह  नाट्यशास्त्र में वर्णित ताल-तत्व: एक अध्ययन